Volume 9, 2010 year

Proceedings of the 2nd All-Russian workshop

“Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems”

In the Volume number 9 shows the scientific reports of the Second All-Russian workshop "Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems" (AFM-2008), held December 2-3, 2008 at the A.Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS in the following areas:

    Aerophysics and physical continuum mechanics          
  1. Gas dynamics of combustion in laminar and turbulent flows          
  2. The physical mechanics of gas discharges          
  3. The dissipative processes and the formation of structures          
  4. Physical Mechanics of Solids          
  5. Integrated models hypersonic Aerophysics
    Elementary processes in Aerophysics and physical mechanics      
  1. Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods      
  2. Physical and chemical kinetics in physical mechanics and Aerophysics          
  3. The physical mechanics in nanotechnology          
  4. Integrated models of physical mechanics (multi-level description)          
  5. Transfer Processes          
  6. Radiation heat transfer and elementary radiative processes

The school-workshop was attended by 63 students, engineers and researchers from 12 universities and research organizations in Russia. In the process of workshop was presented 42 reports. Among the participants of Summer School: 12 students ((Lomonosov Moscow State University. Bauman Moscow Technical Unversity, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Moscow State Technical University MIREA), 5 graduate students of universities and scientific institutions of RAS, 6 young scientists. Organization and support of the workshop was carried out by employees and students of the base chair "Physical and chemical mechanics» of the Department of Molecular and Biological Physics MIPT .


The success of the 2nd workshop "Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems," confirmed the correctness of the choice of thematic focus on the study of the peculiarities of construction of the integrated model of modern physical mechanics, including models of gas and plasmodynamic processes, physico-chemical and radiative processes mechanics of nonequilibrium nonlinear media, as well as non-equilibrium processes in the physical mechanics of continuous deformable media.

In the process of workshop heard lectures by renowned scientists from Russia and discussed the reports of young scientists and students. The greatest interest of the workshop called lectures and papers devoted to the creation of the modern computer models and software systems, Predna value for fundamental and applied research in physics and mechanics, nonlinear and nonequilibrium continuum mechanics based on the conjugation of ab-initio- and classical approaches of physical mechanics the use of a new generation in computational methods and algorithms in the development of conjugate two- and three-dimensional physical-chemical and radiation-gasdynamic models based on the Navier - Stokes equations for advanced hypersonic aircraft, the creation of programs of molecular dynamics and stochastic modeling, development of different approaches to modeling the physical mechanics of solids.

Co-Chairmen of the Programme Committee
Calculation of ionisation cross-section for electron impact of hydrogen and nitrogen atoms
Gennadiy Andreev
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Performance of boolean operations at modelling of three-dimensional objects
D. Kurennov, A. Partin
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PDF, 174.2 KB
Approximation of surfaces by Bernstein's generalized polynoms
D. Kurennov, A. Partin
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PDF, 182.2 KB
Modelling of complex surfaces of hypersonic flying devices in design-automation system SolidWorks 2007
Mikhail Kotov, Victor Kuznetsov
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PDF, 290.6 KB
Applying the P1 approximation of spherical harmonics method for heat transfer equation
D. Andrienko, Sergey Surzhikov
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PDF, 545.7 KB
Comparison between decomposition methods of the forth and second accuracy order using a problem, which has an analytical solution
Aleksey Dikalyuk, Sergey Surzhikov
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PDF, 277.2 KB
Calculation of partions funfctions of atoms and molecules in the wide region of temperatures
Vlada Goloschuk, Sergey Surzhikov
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Some examples of the dinamic gas theorys are for application
Larisa Ruleva
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PDF, 360.5 KB
The observing structures method is using for the gyro angular velocity vector gauge
Larisa Ruleva
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PDF, 272.1 KB
Victor Gremyachkin, A. Efimov
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PDF, 330.3 KB
Gasification of a porous carbon particle by carbon dioxide
E. Mazachenko, Victor Gremyachkin
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PDF, 268.8 KB
A study of matrix methods opportunities for a solution of the Navier − Stokes equations
Michael Ermakov
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PDF, 442.7 KB
Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes
Sergey Starikov
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PDF, 368.1 KB
Computing experiments rezults of solution of 2d elasto-plastic problems by the iteration methods on the cluster system
I. Demeshko, E. Akimova, Anatoly Konovalov
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PDF, 274.5 KB
Experimental base and technique of constitutive equation identification of elasticviscoplastic medium
Anatoly Konovalov, A. Smirnov
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PDF, 312.5 KB
Effect of allowance for slight compressibility of elastic material under finite deformations
Anatoliy Rogovoy
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PDF, 949.7 KB
Two-dimensional calculation of inviscid flow on unstructured grids
Dmitry Kotov, Sergey Surzhikov
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PDF, 784.9 KB
The modelling of hydrodynamics for two different models of space vehicle
Alexandra Zheleznyakova, Victor Kuznetsov, Andrey Petrusev, Sergey Surzhikov
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PDF, 930.0 KB
Numerical simulation of separated flow in nozzles
Gennady Glushko, Igor Ivanov, Igor Kryukov
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PDF, 737.7 KB
Turbulence modeling for supersonic jet flows
Gennady Glushko, Igor Ivanov, Igor Kryukov
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PDF, 744.5 KB
The calculation of decay of isotropic turbulence with use of Hasselmann’s approximation
Vladimir Frost
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PDF, 408.6 KB
The numerical modelling of some thermophysical features of laser plasmas
Victor Kuznetsov, M. Filipskiy
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PDF, 573.9 KB
Flow field around FIRE II space vehicle under angle of attack
Alexandra Zheleznyakova, Sergey Surzhikov
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Barodiffusional processes of mass-transfer of liquids in cross-linked polymers
Yevgeniy Denisyuk
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Investigation of physics of nonlinear processes in a system called “compact toroid”
Sergey Ryzhkov
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PDF, 339.7 KB
Two-scale modelling of turbulent transport in sheared flows of plasma in magnetic field
Alex Chirkov
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PDF, 568.6 KB
Application of the theory of parametric resonance to the study phenomena in dusty plasma
Henry Norman, V. Stegailov, A. Timofeev
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PDF, 284.6 KB
Influence of material microstructure on dynamic plasticity and spall strength: molecular-dynamic simulations
Petr Zhilyaev, A. Kuksin, Henry Norman, Sergey Starikov, V. Stegailov, A. Yanilkin
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PDF, 749.1 KB
Kinetic model of spall in simple liquids
A. Kuksin, Henry Norman, Vasiliy Pisarev, V. Stegailov, A. Yanilkin
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PDF, 310.7 KB
Kinetic modeling of nonequilibrium processes in iron clusters growing
Alexander Drakon, Evgeny Gurentsov, Alexander V. Eremin
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Two-component gas-dynamic model of the interaction of cold neutral gas and hot plasma including the charge exchange process and electron heat conduction
E. Provornikova, Vladislav Izmodenov
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PDF, 643.0 KB
Kinetic model of the helium nuclear inducted plasma containing nanoclasters
Alexander Budnik, Vsevolod Kosarev
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PDF, 342.8 KB
Model of physical-chemical kinetic of helium-nitrogen-hydrogen nuclear-raised plasma
Alexander Budnik, Elena Kuznetsova
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The nonequilibrium radiative plasma dynamics into active media of nuclear-pumped optical amplifiers
Irina Alexeeva, Alexander Budnik, Alexander Sipachev
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Mesomechanical simulation of detonation in heterogeneous explosive
S. Medin, A. Parshikov
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Experimental study of carbon materials mass loss in dissociated flow of pure nitrogen
Andrey Gordeev, Georgy Zalogin, Anatoly Kolesnikov
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Stabilization of the uniform discharge in fast gas flow and development of the efficient gas lasers
Vladimir Zimakov, Vladimir Kuznetsov, A. Kedrov, Nikolay Soloviev, Andrey Shemyakin, Mikhail Yakimov
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Detonation propagation regimes in gas-particle mixtures in the duct with a cross-sectional breakdown
Yu. Kratova, A. Fedorov, V. Fomin, T. Khmel
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PDF, 865.0 KB
Simulation of stagnation point heating and predicting surface catalysity for the EXPERT re-entry conditions
Anatoly Kolesnikov, Andrey Gordeev, Sergey Vasilevsky
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Calculation of aerothermodynamics of space vehicle MSRO with codes NERAT-2D and NERAT-3D
Sergey Surzhikov
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Three dimensional model of aerothermodynamics of entering space vehicles
Sergey Surzhikov
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Database on chemical reactions with excited electronic atoms and molecules in air
Staly Losev, Victoriya Yarygina
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