Volume 14, issue 2, 2013 year

Proceedings of the 5nd All-Russian workshop

“Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems”

Fifth All-Russian Workshop "Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems" ("AFM-2011") was held at the A.Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS 29-30 November 2011

As presented at the Fifth All-Russian Workshop reports have dealt with the problem of creating modern computer models and software systems designed for basic and applied research in physics and mechanics, nonlinear and nonequilibrium continuum mechanics based on the conjugation of ab-initio- and classical approaches physical mechanics, the use of a new generation of computational methods and algorithms in the development of conjugate two- and three-dimensional physical-chemical and radiation-gasdynamic models based on the full Navier - Stokes equations for advanced hypersonic aircraft, creating programs molecular dynamics and stochastic modeling, development, and problems of different approaches to modeling the physical mechanics of solids.

Evolution of the global plasma structure of field reversed configuration in the turbulent transport regimes
Alex Chirkov, Leonid Bendersky
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Solar wind behind the front of the heliospheric termination shock: measurements at the voyager-2 spacecraft and theoretical models
Sergey Chalov
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Radiative-convective heating of martian space vehicles
Sergey Surzhikov
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Development of a new interatomic potential for investigation of structure and properties of uranium
Dariya Smirnova
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Atomistic simulation of melting and superheatingof si methane hydrate
Grigoriy Smirnov, V. Stegailov
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AMG6 rheology modeling with the account of volume dynamic recrystallization
A. Smirnov, Anatoly Konovalov, Vasiliy Mazunin
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The theory of model construction for complex media with finite deformations and structural changes in materials
Anatoliy Rogovoy
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Homogeneous crystallization of supercooled aluminum melt. A molecular dynamics study
Vasiliy Pisarev
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Numerical simulation of sliding detonation in the fine-grained mixture of explosive and inert material
A. Parshikov, S. Medin
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Studing of graphite melting line with md simulations
Nikita Orekhov, V. Stegailov
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Study of laser ablation of gold by molecular-dynamics method
Henry Norman, Sergey Starikov, V. Stegailov
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Diffusion along grain boundaries in molybdenum: molecular-dynamics simulations
Ivan Novoselov, A. Kuksin, A. Yanilkin
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Two-phase flow in a heat-generating particle layer modeling and uncertainty quantification of the critical heat flux
Nazar Lubchenko, Sergey Yakush
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Recombination in strongly coupled ion plasma of the gas discharge afterglow
Alexander Lankin, Henry Norman, Ravil Amirov
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Computer simulation of the influence of an external magnetic field on the system of plasma jets capillary discharge
Victor Kuznetsov
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Early experimental results of streamlines for flying objects models in hypersonic shock aerodynamic tube
Mikhail Kotov, Larisa Ruleva, Pavel Kozlov, Sergey Surzhikov
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Geometric modeling of surfaces of hypersonic aircraft X-43 and X-51A
Mikhail Kotov
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Vitrification of aluminum melt. A molecular dynamics study
Lada Kolotova, Henry Norman, Vasiliy Pisarev
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Description of kinetics of chemical reactions in one temperature mixtures is studied
Yevgeniy Kolesnichenko, Yuri Gorbachev
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Stochastic properties of ionic liquid
Glebs Ivanovskis, Henry Norman, Dinara Usmanova
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Diffusion in ionic liquids. Classical molecular dynamic study
Glebs Ivanovskis, Henry Norman, V. Stegailov, Dinara Usmanova
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Use of the R13 equation system for numerical simulation of a microchannel flow
Igor Ivanov, Igor Kryukov, Maxim Timokhin
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The method for splitting into physical processes for solving hypersonic aerodynamics problems on unstructured grids
Alexandra Zheleznyakova
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The relative method of catalyticity evaluation at high themperatures in VAT-104 facility
Ivan Egorov, Boris Zhestkov, Vladimir Shvedchenko
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Application of method of laser-induced incandescence to analysis of optical properties of growing particles
Evgeny Gurentsov, Alexander V. Eremin, Ekaterina Popova, K. Priemchenko
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Simulation of entry heating conditions for the EXOMARS vehicle using the IPG-4 plasmatron
Andrey Gordeev, Anatoly Kolesnikov, Sergey Vasilevsky
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Investigation of vibrational relaxation and thermally non-equilibrium dissociation of the O2-molecules behind a front of shock wave
Natalya Bykova, Igor Zabelinskii, Ludmila Ibragimova, Alla Sergievskaya, Yuri Tunik, Oleg Shatalov
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Elementary rate coefficients for high-temperature atomic oxygen recombination on the AL2O3 surface
Alexey Buchachenko, Valeriy Kovalev, Alexander Krupnov
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Mathematical simulation of kinetic processes in generation of laser radiation in argon-xenon active gas media, containing nanoparticles of uranium
Alexander Budnik, Alexander Sipachev
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About the closed description of turbulence
Valeriy Babenko, Vladimir Frost
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Using technology cuda from company nvidia for two-dimensional mathematical modelling of gas-dynamic process in laval nozzle
Irina Alexeeva, Alexander Budnik, Philipp Petrushin, Alexander Sipachev
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Numerical simulation of influence of track affect on kinetic processes into argon-xenon activ medium
Irina Alexeeva, Alexander Budnik
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