Volume 17, issue 2, 2016 year

Modeling of ionization using direct simulation Monte Carlo method
Andrey Kusov
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Heat flows measurements on the covers of various compositions in the RF plasma torch subsonic flow
Artur Krasilnikov, Georgy Zalogin, N.F. Rudin
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New Possibilities for Applying Optical Discharges to Aerophysical Experiments
Vladimir Zimakov, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Sergey Yur'evich Lavrentyev, Nikolay Soloviev, Andrey Shemyakin, Andrey Shilov, Mikhail Yakimov
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Numerical Simulations of One-Dimensional Shock Wave Propagation Problem for Molecu-lar Hydrogen Based on Numerical Solution of Wang Chang–Uhlenbeck Equation
Юрий Александрович Аникин
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Experimental definition of the plasma flow energetic parameters in the high frequency warming gas facility
Vyacheslav Vlasov, Georgy Zalogin, N.F. Rudin
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Heat Transfer in Nonequilibrium Dissociated Nitrogen Jets: Experiments in RF-plasmatron and Numerical Modeling
Anatoly Kolesnikov, Andrey Gordeev, Sergey Vasilevsky, Vladimir Sakharov
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Chemical kinetics in air flows in nozzles
Ekaterina Nagnibeda, Ksenia Papina
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A Unified Approach to Building Complex Virtual Surfaces and Computational Grids for the Comprehensive 3D Simulation of Aerospace Industry Products
Alexandra Zheleznyakova
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On the closure of the equations for probability density of passive scalar in a turbulent flow
Vladimir Frost, V. P. Krasitskii
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