Volume 12, 2011 year

Occurrence of acoustic instability in hydrogen-air mixtures in the closed reactor at the central spark initiation
Ideya Naboko, Nikolay Rubtsov, Boris Seplyarskiy, Victor Chernysh, Georgiy Tsvetkov
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Investigation into spark initiated ignition of N-pentane-air mixtures by means of high-speed color cinematography
Ideya Naboko, Nikolay Rubtsov, Boris Seplyarskiy, Kirill Troshin, Victor Chernysh, Georgiy Tsvetkov
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Control of pseudo shock by non-stationary effect
Vasiliy Zabaykin
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Time measurement of induction reaction H2 + O2 in the detonation wave formation in a stoichiometric mixture
Pavel Kozlov, Staly Losev, Yuri Romanenko
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Particularity of the numerical modeling of hypersonic flow around the blunted bodies
Michael Golomazov
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Impact of vibrational non-equilibrium on chemical reaction rates
Yevgeniy Kolesnichenko, Yuri Gorbachev
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The investigation results of own atmosphere contamination effect on structural materials and thermocontrol surfaces of ISS vehicles and modules
Jury Gerasimov, Andrey Krylov, A. Kurilenok, L. Mishina, S. Naumov, V. Prikhodko, S. Sokolova, Vyacheslav Yarygin, I. Yarygin
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Heat transfer simulation conditions for vehicles at re-entry velocities of V = 10-11 km/s in plasma jets of the RF-plasmatron
Vyacheslav Vlasov, Georgy Zalogin, R. Kovalev, N. Rudin, Michael Trenev
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Оn the modelling of multi-component diffusion in gases
Nina Syzranova, Yuri Shevelev
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Asymptotic methods: how they work
Rem Barantsev
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Рeculiarities of photoionization about high-speed aircrafts
Vsevolod Gorelov, Alexander Yu. Kireev, Vladimir Shvedchenko
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On modelling reactive physicochemical flows with a large number of reactants
Alexander Yevseyev
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Composite explosives for underwater explosions enhanced by inclusion of water as an external oxidizer and their performance
Pavel Komissarov, Georgiy Sokolov, Boris Ermolaev, Anatoly Borisov
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The results of thermal and vacuum tests of design and maintenance systems of thermal mode of the space vehicle "SPECTRUM-R" radio telescope
Igor Vinogradov, Stanislav Novikov, Dmitry Tulin, Alexander Shabarchin, Konstantin Goncharov, E. F. Mitrofanov, Vladimir Ulyanov
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Trinitar presentation of processes in physical and chemical kinetics
Staly Losev
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The space radiotelescope "SPECTRUM-R" reflector thermal mode and thermal deformations
M. Arkhipov, Igor Vinogradov, Stanislav Novikov, Alexander Shabarchin
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Influence of physical-chemical process on the structure of the shock layer flow around the landing vehicle
Michael Golomazov
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