Volume 24, issue 6, 2023 year

On some practical aspects of computational grids generation for computational aerothermodynamics problems
Dmitry Yatsukhno
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Features of Wave Mass Transfer in Stratified Inviscid Ocean and Atmosphere
Artem Ochirov, Kristina Yurievna Lapshina
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Nonlinear Dynamics of Acoustic Instability in a Vibrationally Excited Gas: Influence of Heating and Cooling
Sergei Khrapov
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Development of the Deposit Formation Similarity Criterion with the Electrochemical Number
Konstantin Altunin
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The influence of angular momentum and boundary conditions in continuous mechanics and in kinetics
Evelina Prozorova
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Experimental studies of gas-discharge plasma in a stream
Sergey Solodovnikov, Larisa Ruleva
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Model of nonequilibrium emissivity of diatomic molecules averaged over the rotational structure
Sergey Surzhikov
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Use of electromagnetic actuators in aerodynamics
Dmitry Ishin
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Evaluation of secondary processes influence on result the rate constants measurement of the gas-phase chemical reactions
Mikhail F. Danilov
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