Volume 23, issue 6, 2022 year

Gasdynamics Aspects of the Heat Transfer Experiment with the UHTC Surface in Under-Expanded Dissociated Air Jet
Anatoly Kolesnikov, Vladimir Sakharov
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Surface Waves Along the Interface of Stably Stratified Liquids
Yuli Chashechkin, Artem Ochirov, Kristina Yurievna Lapshina
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Engineering approach to determination of parameters in high-speed aircraft designing
Dmitry Ishin
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Propagation of a pressure wave in a channel filled with liquid containing a toroidal bubble cluster
Marat Galimzyanov, Uliana Olegovna Agisheva
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Distribution of the Drop Substance in the Target Fluid at the Coalescence Intrusive Mode
Yuli Chashechkin, Andrey Ilinykh
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Calculation of Sphere-Cone Heat Transfer in High-Speed Flow with Commercial Software
Vlada Kirillovna Batygina
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