Volume 13, issue 4, 2012 year

Proceedings of the 4nd All-Russian workshop

“Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems”

This issue contains papers presented at the Fourth All-Russian Workshop "AFM-2010", held December 8-9, 2010, the A.Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS with the participation of Russian Academy of Sciences on

  1. Aerophysics and physical continuum mechanics:
  2. Aerophysics subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic speeds,
  3. Gas dynamics of combustion in laminar and turbulent flows,
  4. The physical mechanics of gas discharges,
  5. Supercomputers in physical mechanics,
  6. Models and methods of physical mechanics in astrophysics and high energy density physics
  7. Physical and chemical kinetics in Aerophysics and physical mechanics:
  8. The kinetics of chemical reactions and transport processes at high temperatures,
  9. Physical kinetics and relaxation processes,
  10. Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods in problems of physical mechanics,
  11. Integrated models of physical mechanics (multi-level description)
  12. Radiation heat transfer and elementary radiative processes
  13. The radiation-collisional model Aerophysics,
  14. Non-equilibrium processes in multi-temperature thermodynamic systems
Propagation of cellular heterogeneous detonation under the condition of variable geometry
A. Fedorov, T. Khmel, Yu. Kratova
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Charasteristic features of heterogeneous detonations in polydisperse mixtures
A. Fedorov, T. Khmel
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Implementation of models of heterogeneous media mechanics to a problem of coal outburst
A. Fedorov, Irina Fedorchenko
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Experimental plants schemes for shock waves currents. Patents materials review. Part 2
Larisa Ruleva
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Method SPH with JWL equations of state and macrokinetic reaction rate equation for explosive detonation
S. Medin, A. Parshikov
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Geometric modeling of complex surfaces of hypersonic aircraft in CAD
Mikhail Kotov, Victor Kuznetsov
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Numerical simulation of high speed flows based on regularized 13 moment equations R13
Igor Ivanov, Igor Kryukov, Maxim Timokhin
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Influence of non-equilibrim modifications of two-equation turbulence models on numerical prediction of turbulence/shock interaction
Igor Ivanov, Igor Kryukov, Elena Larina
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Numerical algorithm of modeling of the two-phase flow containing interphase boundaries
Igor Ivanov, Igor Kryukov
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Triangular mesh generation by molecular dynamics method for curved surfaces and complex three-dimensional domains
Alexandra Zheleznyakova
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Radiation heating of blunt cone body in Martian atmosphere
D. Andrienko
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