Volume 21, issue 2, 2020 year

Generation of unstructured tetrahedral meshes for flow past flight vehicles based on open packages
Michael Ermakov, Arina Kryuchkova
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2D computer model of a non-stationary corona from an infinite grating composed of parallel grounded wires in a thundercloud electric field
Михаил Сергеевич Мокров, Юрий Петрович Райзер
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Results of Supersonic Gas Flow Calculations near AGARD-B Model
Alexander Panasenko
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Level Adiabatic Model for Dissociation of Diatomic Molecules
Gennadiy Smekhov, Alla Sergievskaya, Michael Pogosbekian, Alexander Krupnov
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Study of Initiation of Arc Discharges by Opening Initially Closed Electrodes
A.P. Glinov, A.P. Golovin, Pavel Kozlov
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On Waverider Aerodynamics Experimental Data Analysis Features
Dmitry Yatsukhno
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Direct statistical simulation of Monte Carlo in the study of argon radiation behind the front of a strong shock wave
Andrey Kusov, Vladimir Levashov, G. Gerasimov, Pavel Kozlov, Natalya Bykova, Igor Zabelinskii
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Modeling Motion, Ablation and Energy Deposition of Meteoroid in the Atmosphere Taking Account of the Curved Trajectory
Irina G. Brykina, Lidia A. Egorova
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Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer Simula-tion Accuracy in Subsonic High-Enthalpy Air Flows in HF-Plasmatron
Sergey Vasilevsky, Anatoly Kolesnikov, Vladimir Sakharov
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In memory of Losev Staly Andreevich (11/7/1930 - 10/06/2015)
Alla Sergievskaya
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