Volume 19, issue 3, 2018 year

Investigation of exchange reactions CO + N, CN + O and NO + C mechanism for conditions of Mars atmosphere entries
A.A. Kroupnov, Michael Pogosbekian
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Thermochemical model of СО2 +N2 mixture at high temperatures
Vyacheslav Vlasov, Georgy Zalogin, Roman Kovalev, N.F. Rudin
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Thickness of the stationary detonation wave in a mixture of oxyhydrogen gas with nitrogen
Yuri Tunik, Pavel Kozlov, Vyacheslav Olegovich Mayorov
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Interaction of the flames of diluted methane-oxygen mixtures with obstacles of conical shape
Nikolay Rubtsov, Georgiy Tsvetkov, Victor Chernysh, Kirill Troshin
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Refinement of state-resolved models for chemical kinetics using the data of trajectory calculations
Elena Kustova, Aleksei S. Savelev, Anastasia Lukasheva
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Overlapping unstructured grid technology for the numerical simulation of flow around multistage space system
Alexandra Zheleznyakova
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Rate Coefficients of Exchange Reactions in Air and Carbon Dioxide
Elena Kustova, Aleksei S. Savelev
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Validation of Models of State-to-State Oxygen Kinetics behind Shock Waves
Olga Kunova, Elena Kustova, Maksim Melnik, Aleksei S. Savelev
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Application of thermodynamic analysis in reducing detailed hydrogen combustion mechanism
Vladimir Georgievich Matveev, Alexander Alexandrovich Molokanov, Leonid Samoilovich Yanovskiy
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The functioning of a removable elongated nozzle in the Hypersonic Aerodynamic Shock Tube
Igor Ivanov, Mikhail Kotov, Larisa Ruleva, Sergey Solodovnikov
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