Volume 19, issue 1, 2018 year

Numerical simulation of hypersonic flow around a triangular wing
Pavel Silvestrov, Igor Kryukov, Boris Viktorovich Obnosov
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Unsteady flow in dual-bell nozzle with movement of extendible section from initial to working position
Konstantin Volkov, Vladislav Emelyanov, Mikhail Yakovchuk
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On Supersonic Flow over an Circular Cavities at Angle of Attack
Sergey Vladimirovich Guvernyuk, Aleksander Zubkov, M. Simonenko
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The features of hydrogen ignition over platinum-group metals at low pressure. Part. I
Nickolai M. Rubtsov, Victor Chernysh, Georgiy Tsvetkov, Kirill Troshin, Alexander Kalinin
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Experimental and numerical study of heat transfer to cylindrical copper models and HfB2-SiC ceramic samples in high-enthalpy air jets using RF-plasmatron IPG-4
Sergey Vasilevsky, Andrey Gordeev, Anatoly Kolesnikov, Vladimir Sakharov, Elizaveta Petrovna Simonenko, Nikolay Simonenko
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The Features of Interaction of Combustion Front with Flat Obstacles by the Example of the Flames of Methane‒Oxygen Mixes
Nickolai M. Rubtsov, Alexander Kalinin, Georgiy Tsvetkov, Kirill Troshin
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Experimental study of O2 + CO = CO2 + O reaction kinetics behind shock waves at different pressures
Alexander Drakon, Alexander V. Emelyanov, Alexander V. Eremin, Pavel I. Yatsenko
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Problems of numerical modeling on the basis of some modifications of the Godunov’s scheme
Yuri Tunik
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Excitation and emission of argon behind the front of shock waves at speeds of 4.5 7.8 km/s. II Analisys of experimental results
Natalya Bykova, Igor Zabelinskii, Vladimir Levashov, Oleg Shatalov
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Experimental study of near-wall liquid film outflow with co-current gas flow from nozzle into vacuum. 1. Interaction inside nozzle
Yuri Nikolaevich Vyazov, Victor Grigorievich Prikhodko, Igor Vyacheslavovich Yarygin, Vyacheslav Yarygin
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