Volume 13, issue 3, 2012 year

Proceedings of the 3nd All-Russian workshop

“Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems”

This volume reports from Russian workshop "Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems" (AFM-2009), which was held on December 3-4, 2009 at the A.Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS on the following themes:

    Aerophysics and physical continuum mechanics
  1. Aerophysics subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic speeds
  2. Gas dynamics of combustion in laminar and turbulent flows
  3. The physical mechanics of gas discharges
  4. The dissipative processes and the formation of structures
  5. Physical Mechanics of Solids
  6. Integrated models hypersonic Aerophysics
    Elementary processes in Aerophysics and physical mechanics
  1. Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods
  2. Physical and chemical kinetics in physical mechanics and Aerophysics
  3. The physical mechanics in nanotechnology
  4. Integrated models of physical mechanics (multi-level description)
  5. Transfer Processes
  6. Radiation heat transfer and elementary radiative processes

All-Russian workshop AFM-2009 was carried out with the financial support of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the framework of the target cost of the Presidium of RAS "Supporting young scientists" in 2009, and intersectional Basic Research Program of the Department of Energy, Engineering, Mechanics and Control Science "Physical is the chemical model of mechanics "(Coordinator Academician RAS D.M. Klimov).

Co-Chairmen of the Programme Committee
Numerical modeling of energetic hydrogen atom fluxes in the heliosphere for multi-component solr wind plasma
Sergey Chalov, Dmitry Alexashov, Vladislav Izmodenov, Yuri Malama
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On impact of probability density variation of random variables on stochastic process dynamics
Olga Khatuntseva
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PDF, 347.6 KB
Relaxation model of bolides' spectral emissivity
Sergey Surzhikov
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PDF, 1.4 MB
Processes involving molecules and atoms in electronically excited states in high-temperature gas mediums containing nitrogen and methane
Staly Losev, Victoriya Yarygina
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PDF, 247.9 KB
Structure interaction of a pulsed plasma jet issuing from a capillary discharge group
Victor Kuznetsov
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On the spectral properties of the backscattered solar lyman-alpha radiation: a theoretical search of the heliospheric boundary effects
Olga Katushkina
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Shock wave interaction with a near-wall layer of cooling plasma from a pulsed surface discharge
Irina Znamenskaya, Igor Ivanov, Ekaterina Koroteeva, Denis Orlov, Igor Kryukov
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Mathematical simulation of kinetic processes in argon-xenon nuclear-exited plasma, containing nanoclusters of uranium"
Alexander Budnik, Alexander Sipachev
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Plasma flow in the vicinity of the heliopause stagnation point. Models and solutions
Nikolay Belov
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Two-dimensional model of kinetic processes in tracks of fission fragments Into gaseous plasma with nanoclasters
Irina Alexeeva, Alexander Budnik
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Мodeling of magnetized plasma compressed by the laser beams and plasma jets
Victor Kuznetsov, Sergey Ryzhkov, Alex Chirkov
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