Volume 24, issue 4, 2023 year

Experience in using algebraic turbulence models within the 2D-RANS model for calculating the heating of bodies of the simplest shapes in a supersonic flow
Sergey Surzhikov
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Radiation of real bodies and non-contact methods of temperature registration
Marina Torchick, Mikhail Kotov
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Formation of three-phase cavitation bubbles with their own electric field in a hydrophobic liquid
Anatoliy Monakhov
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Application of Heterogeneous Catalysis Models in Solving Problems of Jet Flow around Copper Models for Experimental Conditions on Induction HF Plasmatron
Alexander Krupnov, Michael Pogosbekian, Vladimir Sakharov
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Modeling the Effect of an Electric Field on Drop Flows
Yuli Chashechkin, Виктор Евгеньевич Прохоров, Vladislav Nikolaevich Androsenko
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Treatment of the Thermal Nonequilibrium and Ionization Effects on the Refractive Index of a Reacting Gas: Atmospheric Air and Combustion Products
Boris Loukhovitski, Ilya Kadochnikov, Ilia Arsent'ev, A.S. Sharipov
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