Volume 5, 2007 year

On quality of information in thermodynamic databases
Vladimir Iorish, Gleb Belov
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The influence of chemical kinetics models on supersonic flow of blunt bodies by carbon dioxide
Yuri Shevelev, Nina Syzranova
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Mechanism and thermochemical characteristics of germanium decomposition
Vladimir Smirnov
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Two levels kinetic model for rotational-translational transfers in a rarefied gas
Felix Tcheremisin
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Experimental definition of thermal effects of processes of pyrolisys carbon containing molecules and carbon particles formation behind shock waves
Alexander Drakon, Artem Emelyanov, Alexander V. Eremin, Alexander Makeich, K Schultz
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Small angle fast molecular beam scattering as an instrument for substance properties study
Alexander Kalinin, Irina Rodionova, Igor Rodionov
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Ionization in the shock wave front in helium/molybdenum hexacarbonyl mixture
Artem Emelyanov, Vladimir Efremov, Vadim Ziborov, Vladimir Fortov, Valeriya Shumova
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Reduction of the reaction mechanism using method of “engaging”
Marina Nikandrova, Victor Kryukov, Raisa Iskhakova
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Elastic and inelastic F + D2 scattering: experiment and simulation on various potential energy surfaces
Lev Yu. Rusin, M. Sevruk, M. Alexander
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Peculiarity of current transfer in discharge blown off with transversal supersonic gas flow and forming of cumulative plasma structures
Philip Vysikaylo, Alexey Ershov, Michael Kuzmin, Alexander Tivkov, Boris Chekalin
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Influence of the dispersion in the problem of the aerogasdynamics
Evelina Prozorova
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About use of cartesian coordinates in molecular dynamics
Anatoliy Makhniov
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CFD flows modelling ininductive plasmatron and heat transfer in under -expanded air jets under IPG-4 (IPM RAS) fasilty test conditions.
Vladimir Sakharov
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Luminescence of a liquid in thin dielectric channels
Semen Gertsenshtein, Anatoliy Monakhov
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“Autocatalytic oscillator and diffusion” system modelling (three-dimensional case)
Stepan Boltenkov
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A numerical method for solving euler equations based on jump condition
Alexander Safronov
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Nonequilibrim ionization processes behind strong shock waves at its propagation in air with high velocities
Vsevolod Gorelov, Alexander Yu. Kireev, Sergey Shilenkov
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Electron emission and self-sustaining in the system of gas discharge aqueous cathode
Oleg Polyakov, Aram Badalyan, Ludmila Bakhturova
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Investigation of convective structures in the horizontal liquid layer heated up from below and rotating about vertical axis
Hadzhimus Mohammadali
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The study of the atomic oxygen recombination on silica by molecular dynamic method
O Gerasimova, Sergei Borisov
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Estimations of low-sized winged reentry vehicle heat regimes on the stage of its designing
A. Vaganov, V. Dmitriev, C. Zadonckiy, Alexander Yu. Kireev, A. Skuratov, E. Stepanov
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