Volume 23, issue 1, 2022 year

Three-dimensional modeling of heat balance on the example of an experimental aircraft HIFiRE-1
Ivan Koryukov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Rybakov
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Theoretical basis of the diatomic molecules Hönl-London factors estimation
Andrey Kusov, Natalya Bykova
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Calculation of shock wave formation in a shock tube with a different method of initial gas outflow
Alexander Panasenko
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Three dimensional calculation of double cone 25°/55° aerothermodynamics using a family of computer codes UST3D
Ivan Koryukov, Pavel Silvestrov, Dmitry Ishin
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Numerical simulation of aerodynamics of simple geometries using approximate calculation of flow through the facet of the computational cell using the AUSM±up2 method
Ivan Koryukov, Pavel Silvestrov
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Experimental and numerical simulation of the heat transfer of the UHTC surface in under-expanded dissociated nitrogen jets
Anatoly Kolesnikov, Vladimir Sakharov, Aleksey Vladimirovich Chaplygin
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