Volume 17, issue 3, 2016 year

Stream Angle Effect on Thermal Radiation of Gas and Multiphase Jet
Alexander Molchanov, Michael V. Solntsev, Darya Maslova
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Preliminary Version of Flight Dynamics Solver for Typical Hypersonic Aircraft
Grigorii Sergeevich Makeich, Igor Kryukov, Boris Viktorovich Obnosov
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A simple hard sphere model of direct three-body recombination and the effectivity function of the third body
Lev Yu. Rusin, M. Sevruk
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The transition flows of a viscous incompressible fluid in a plane diffuser from symmetric to asymmetric and to non-stationary regimes
Alexey Ivanovich Fedyushkin
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Method for Volume Layered Grid Generation for Problems of Hypersonic Flows around Vehicles with Changing Shape as a Result of Ablation Based on Electrostatic Analogy
Peutr Sergeevich Tikhonychev
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Change of Thermal Emittance of Fluorocarbon Polymeric Materials in Near-Earth Space Environment
Vladimir Skurat
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Radiating gas behind strong shock waves with non-equilibrium ionization processes
Kirill Prutko
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Engineering calculation of thermal field in the head part of hypersonic vehicle
Anatoly Prostomolotov, Natalia Verezub
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On the direct numerical simulation of jet flows using hybrid CPU/GPU computing system
Alexander Panasenko, Elena Kartseva
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Heat and mass transfer in a tube with nanowires inside and submicron cavities on the wall
Andrey Markov
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