Volume 23, issue 2, 2022 year

Research of the Effect of Salt Deposits on Heat Transfer during Natural Air Convection
Konstantin Altunin
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On the influence of the effective heat of ablation on modeling the interaction of meteoroids with the atmosphere
Irina G. Brykina, Lidia A. Egorova
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Heat Transfer to Catalytic Surface in a Subsonic Jet of Nitrogen Plasma
Andrey Ivanovich Bryzgalov
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Thermal state of uncooled quartz discharge channel of powerful high-frequency induction plasmatron
Aleksey Vladimirovich Chaplygin, Sergey Vasilevsky, Semen Sergeevich Galkin, Anatoly Kolesnikov
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Thermal-aerodynamic characteristics of staggered mixed tubes bundle composed of circular and drop-shaped tubes
Rawad Deeb
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Numerical simulation of ignition mixtures of methane and acetylene with air
Vladimir Levin, N. E. Afonina, Gennadiy Smekhov, A. N. Khmelevsky
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