Volume 22, issue 3, 2021 year

Unsteady model of spiral combustion on a plane surface
Andrey Markov, Igor Filimonov
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Ignition of propane-air mixtures in shock tube at pressure of 30 atm
Pavel Kozlov, Igor Zabelinskii, Natalya Bykova, G. Gerasimov, Vladimir Levashov
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Heat Flux Measurements by Sensors Based on Anisotropic Thermoelements in a Gasdynamic Experiment on Shock Tubes
Pavel Popov, Valery Sakharov, Tatiana Lapushkina, Sergey Poniaev, Nikolay Monakhov
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Investigation of Influence of Model Geometry on Convective Heat Transfer to Cold Catalytic Surface in Supersonic Dissociated Air Flows in HF-Plasmatron
Semen Sergeevich Galkin, Anatoly Kolesnikov, Vladimir Sakharov, Aleksey Vladimirovich Chaplygin
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Unsteady patterns of spiral spin combustion
Andrey Markov, Igor Filimonov
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Simplified mathematical model of inhibition of exothermic processes in modeling forest fire extinguishing
Alexander Andreevich Loschilov
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