Volume 20, issue 2, 2019 year

Heat transfer and orientation effects in the problem of partially heated coaxial cylinders
A. N. Kondrashov, M. M. Goncharov, A. A. Ogleznev, Ivan O. Sboev
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Interaction of atomic nitrogen with electronically excited molecular oxygen: a theoretical study
A. V. Pelevkin, Ilya Kadochnikov, A.S. Sharipov
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On the Possibility of Reducing Friction due to Relaminarization of the Flow in the Pipe
A. I. Reshmin, V. V. Trifonov, V. G. Luschik, Maria S. Makarova
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Role of giant dielectric permittivity effect during tornado generation process
Sergey Alekseevich Maslov, Vladimir Leonidovich Natyaganov
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Numerical and experimental study of catalytic activity of super high-temperature ceramics
Boris Zhestkov, Vladimir Sakharov, Ivan Vladimirovich Senyuev
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Dynamics of the shape of the electric arc and associated magnetogasdynamic flows arising from the opening of initially closed electrodes
A.P. Glinov, A.P. Golovin, Pavel Kozlov, K. V. Shaleev
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Brittle Cylinder Transfering by a Manipulator with Three Fingers
Yu. F. Golubev, Elena V Melkumova
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Symmetry of the flow of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid in a flat diffuser and confusor
Evgeny Volkov, Alexey Fedyushkin
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Ballistic opportunities' evaluation of artillery projectile with a rocket ramjet
B. E. Kert, V. A. Chubasov, E. A. Znamensky, V. O. Kravtsov, Y. O. Pavlov, A. V. Panchenko, Yu. V. Genkin
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On Models of Meteoroids Fragmentation in the Atmosphere
Irina G. Brykina, Mikhail D. Bragin, Lidia A. Egorova
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