Volume 13, issue 2, 2012 year

Radiative-convective heat transfer of reentry vehicle with ablative heat shield
Vyacheslav Vlasov, Georgy Zalogin, R. Kovalev, D. Churakov
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Jet expansion of ideal and real gases from axisymmetric nozzles. Similarity matters. 2. Outflow of jets into submerged space
Jury Gerasimov, Vyacheslav Yarygin
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Extended Rayleigh-Taylor instability for suspension, stdimentatation convection
V. Trubitsin, E. Kharybin
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Mathematical modeling of pulverized coal combustion in the flow considered the absorption of sulfur oxides
Valdeziu Jose Kosta, Victor Kryukov
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Unsteady jet flows of gases with chemical reactions: experiment and analysis
Sergey Bazarov, Ideya Naboko
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Modes of flame propagation at combustion of poor hydrogen-air mixtures in presence of additives at central initiation at atmospheric pressure
Ideya Naboko, Nikolay Rubtsov, Boris Seplyarskiy, Kirill Troshin, Victor Chernysh, Georgiy Tsvetkov
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The effect of dispersion in the nonequilibrium mechanics of problems continuum
Evelina Prozorova
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Modification of gas separation polimer membrane by plasma of barrier discharge
Anatoliy Golubev, Maxim Deminsky, Michael Krotov, Dmitry Medvedev, Vasiliy Petyaev, Boris Potapkin, Irina Chernycheva
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Investigation chemical processes for hypersonic flow of carbon dioxide around blunt bodies
Michael Golomazov
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Chemical reactions involving electronically excited molecules, atoms, and radicals in gas mixtures containing nitrogen, methane, and the products of their thermal decomposition
Staly Losev, Victoriya Yarygina
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