Volume 11, 2011 year

Volume 9, 2010

Proceedings of the 3d All-Russian workshop

“Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems”

In the Volume number 9 shows the scientific reports of the Second All-Russian workshop "Aerophysics and physical mechanics of classical and quantum systems" (AFM-2009), held December 3-4, 2009 at the Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences in the following areas:

    Aerophysics and physical continuum mechanics          
  1. Gas dynamics of combustion in laminar and turbulent flows          
  2. The physical mechanics of gas discharges          
  3. The dissipative processes and the formation of structures          
  4. Physical Mechanics of Solids          
  5. Integrated models hypersonic Aerophysics
    Elementary processes in Aerophysics and physical mechanics      
  1. Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods      
  2. Physical and chemical kinetics in physical mechanics and Aerophysics          
  3. The physical mechanics in nanotechnology          
  4. Integrated models of physical mechanics (multi-level description)          
  5. Transfer Processes          
  6. Radiation heat transfer and elementary radiative processes

    All-Russian school seminar AFM-2009 was carried out with the financial support of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the framework of the target cost of the Presidium of RAS "Supporting young scientists" in 2009, and intersectional Basic Research Program of the Department of Energy, Engineering, Mechanics and Control RAS "Physico-chemical model mechanics "(coordinator Academician D.M. Klimov).   

    The two-dimensional model of space-time evolution of tracks of fission fragments into inertial gaseous mixture
    Irina Alexeeva, Alexander Budnik
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    Two-dimensional model of nonequilibrium kinetic processes in multicomponent gas mixes at supersonic movement
    Irina Alexeeva, Alexander Budnik
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    Experimental equipment for shock wave researches in european scientific centres. Part 1
    Larisa Ruleva
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    Finite deformations in materials with structural change
    Anatoliy Rogovoy
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    3D numerical model for chemically active glow discharge in air
    Andrey Petrusev
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    Numerical modeling of the cumulative effect in the microchannel of the explosive
    A. Parshikov, Ivan Lozitskiy
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    Abnormal kinetic temperature of charged dust particles in plasmas
    Henry Norman, V. Stegailov, A. Timofeev
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    Excited states of the warm dense matter
    Henry Norman, I. Skobelev, V. Stegailov
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    Pressure fluctuations in nonideal plasma: precursor of the plasma phase trasition
    Alexander Lankin, Henry Norman, I. Saitov
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    Atomistic simulation of the interaction of electrolyte with graphite nanostructures in advanced supercapacitors
    Alexander Lankin, Henry Norman, V. Stegailov
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    The usage of regular development of mathematical model of processes in the torch of the capillary category
    Victor Kuznetsov
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    Calculation of hypersonic flow of reacting gas in srcamjet combustor by finite volume method using AUSM
    Dmitry Kotov, Sergey Surzhikov
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    Numerical solutions of the Fokker – Planck equation for the modelling of modified gas dynamical regimes in magnetic trap with high power neutral beam
    Alex Chirkov
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    Numerical simulation of hypersonic flow around model of vehicle X-43
    Alexandra Zheleznyakova, Sergey Surzhikov
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    Triangular mesh generation by molecular dynamics method
    Alexandra Zheleznyakova, Sergey Surzhikov
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    Influence of dynamic strain ageing of AMg6 alloy on strain resistance
    Anatoly Konovalov, A. Smirnov
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    Experimental investigation of shock heated air radiation on the double-diaphragm shock tube
    Pavel Kozlov, Yuri Romanenko
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    Numerical simulation of shock flows based on moment equations
    Igor Ivanov, Igor Kryukov, Maxim Timokhin
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    Taking account of charging process for evolution of dusty plasma component in normal glowing discharge simulation
    Aleksey Dikalyuk, Sergey Surzhikov
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    Flame propagation under space station conditions
    Gennady Glushko, Igor Kryukov
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    Modelling of heat transfer processes of laser heated nanoparticles with gas environment
    Evgeny Gurentsov, Alexander V. Eremin, Michael Falchenko
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    The theoretical investigation of neutron and optical properties of argon-xenon gas media containing nanoclusters of the uranium and its chemical compounds by the Monte-Carlo method
    Alexander Budnik, V. Lunev
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    Testing of the mathematical model of kinetic prosesses of helium-nitrogen-hydrogen gas plasma
    Alexander Budnik, Elena Kuznetsova
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    PDF, 738.4 KB
    Mathematical simulation of kinetic processes in helium-argon nuclear-excited plasma containing nanoclasters of chemical compounds of uranium
    Alexander Budnik, Vsevolod Kosarev
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    Radiation of heat transfer equation discretization in cylindrical coordinates
    D. Andrienko, Sergey Surzhikov
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    Nonlinearity of drift waves and the onset of the plasma turbulence
    V. Khvesuk
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    Closure of the scalar field correlation equation and calculation of the Schmidt and Sherwood turbulent numbers
    Vladimir Frost
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    The nonequilibrium aerophysics of the hypersound flow of sphere carbonic gas
    Sergey Surzhikov
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    Electron-phonon relaxation in metals under nonequilibrium excitation of the electron subsystem
    O. Sergeev, V. Stegailov
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    Numerical modeling of the separate thermal-physical parameters for magneto-inertial plasma
    Sergey Ryzhkov, M. Simonov
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    Comparative analysis of the power balance for D–3He fusion plasma in closed magnetic traps
    Sergey Ryzhkov, V. Rudakov, Alex Chirkov
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