Volume 8, 2009 year

Mathematical models and software package for calculation of chemical high-temperature non-equilibrium processes
Victor Kryukov, Airat Abdullin, Raisa Iskhakova, Marina Nikandrova
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To the theory of turbulent combustion of gaseous jets
Vasiliy Velikodny, Vladimir Vorotilin
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Comparative analysis of kinetic mechanisms of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures
Ludmila Ibragimova, Gennadiy Smekhov, Oleg Shatalov
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Initial ionization of inert gases at opitical breakdown
Gennadiy Tumakaev
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Demonstration of the possibilities to study combustion and explosion processes on the base of hyperspectral remote sensing
Alexander Kalinin, Andrey Orlov, Aleksey Rodionov, Kirill Troshin
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Interaction of iron atoms with molecular oxygen
Vladimir Smirnov
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A method of studying the detailed dynamics of elementary processes
Dmitry Kabanov, Lev Yu. Rusin
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Interaction of the Fe, Cr, and Mo atoms with oxygen-containing molecules NO, N2O, CO2, NO2, AND SO2
Vladimir Smirnov
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Oxidation of gaseous olefins and hexene-1 in a barrier discharge plasma
Andrey Ocheredko, Sergey Kudryashov, Andrey Ryabov, Galina Schegoleva, Ekaterina Sirotkina
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Kinetic interpretations of numerical schemes for the gas dynamics equations
Alexander Safronov
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Some particularities of ignition delay time measurements and interpretation for hydrogen-oxygen mixtures behind the front of the shock wave
Valery Pavlov
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Dependence of the ignition delay time of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures on the initial parameters
Gennadiy Smekhov
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Investigation of hydrogen-oxygen mixture ignition behind the shock wave front: experiment and numerical simulation
Gennadiy Smekhov, Valery Pavlov, Oleg Shatalov
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Research of interaction of the charged plasma formations in supersonic and subsonic streams with the magnetic field, dielectric and metal screens
Alexander Bykov, Khamat Valiev, Vasiliy Velikodny, Oleg Krychenko, Iliya Samuolis, Ludmila Pogorelova, Yuri Yanovskiy
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