Volume 23, issue 5, 2022 year

Ignition of a Combustible Gas Mixture by a Microwave Subcritical Streamer Discharge in High-Speed Flow
Konstantin Volkov, Pavel Bulat, Lev Grachev, Igor Esakov, Aleksandr Ravaev
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Review of the Experimental Methods of Critical Ionization Velocity Investigation
Dmitry Yatsukhno
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Research of the stagnation pressure increasing possibilities in a high-speed flow
Дмитрий Евгеньевич Хазов
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On the Possibility of Using the Penning Discharge to Study the Phenomenon of the Critical Ionization Velocity
Sergey Surzhikov
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Visualization of the flow pattern of the impact of a freely falling drop during the generation of sound packets
Yuli Chashechkin, Виктор Евгеньевич Прохоров
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Godunov-Kolgan method for calculating viscous gas flows
Yuri Tunik
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