Effect of viscosity on lander oscillations

The results of preliminary calculations of non-stationary gas flow during the oscillatory movement of the lander at its circular frequency of 2 oscillations per second with the angle of maximum deviation of the symmetry axis from the initial position to one degree in the presence and absence of viscosity effects are presented.

non-stationary gas flows, lander.

Volume 20, issue 4, 2019 year

Влияние вязкости на колебания спускаемого аппарата

Приведены результаты предварительных расчетов нестационарного течения газа при колебательном движении спускаемого аппарата типа «Союз» при круговой частоте 2 колебания в секунду с углом максимального отклонения его оси симметрии от первоначального положения до 1 градуса при наличии и отсутствии эффектов вязкости.

нестационарные течения газа, спускаемый аппарат

Volume 20, issue 4, 2019 year

The figure shows the results fluctuations of the lander calculation as part of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equation model at Re = 106, Pr = 0.75, M = 3 as a current line near its surface, which correspond to its position at the time point at t = 0.75T. Current lines on the left side of the pattern correspond fluctuations of the lander in the absence of viscosity, and on the right side - to its presence. From the view of the current line patterns, it can be seen that the presence of viscosity leads to a slowdown in the position of the vortex region at the rear of the lander compared to the case of its absence.