Volume 18, issue 2, 2017 year

Aerodynamics and flight dynamics simulation of EXPERT re-entry vehicle
Grigorii Sergeevich Makeich, Nikolay Kharchenko, Igor Kryukov
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Bending oscillations of the combustion chamber in the presence of supersonic flow
Sergey Vladimirovich Nesterov, Leonid Denisovich Akulenko, Vasiliy Gennad'evich Baydulov
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HF-Plasmatron IPG-4 in IPMech RAS as an instrument for determination of kinetics of heterogeneous chemical reactions on the surface of carbon material
Valerij Vladimirovich Gorskij, Andrey Gordeev, Alexandra Anatolevna Dmitrieva, Anatoly Kolesnikov
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Discrete spectral model of isotropic turbulence
Vladimir Frost
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The realization of an approximate method for cal-culating convective heat transfer near the surface of a GLA of a complex geometric shape
Victor Kuznetsov, Aleksey Dikalyuk
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Computer simulation of the supersonic flow of a viscous compressible gas around a model body on the basis of the quasi-gas-dynamic algorithm
Ivan Anatolievich Shirokov, Tatiana Gennadievna Elizarova
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Influence of the azimuthal magnetic field on the hypersonic flow of plasma from a rotating source
Nikolay Belov
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Computational simulation of re-entry of the Space Shuttle orbiter into the dense layers of the Earth's atmosphere
Alexandra Zheleznyakova
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Influence of rate coefficients for ionization of atoms by electron impact on relaxation region behind shockwave
Kirill Prutko
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Model of thermal radiation in submicron pores with application to fine dispersed particles syn-thesis via combustion
Andrey Markov, Igor Filimonov
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Mathematical modeling of process occurring in the production of porous composite materials, the formation of coatings
Damir Gubaidullin, V.L. Fedyaev, Irina Morenko
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Features of the Numerical Simulation of Heat and Mass Transfer in Low Density Porous Ablative Materials
Mikhail Petrovich Shuvalov
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