Volume 17, issue 4, 2016 year

Ablative heatshield evolution calculation by Level Set Method
Dmitriy Minyushkin
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Gas-dynamical protective devices for orientation thrusters of space vehicles and orbital stations. Conceptual design, model and on-orbit experiments
Jury Gerasimov, Vyacheslav Yarygin
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Energy Impact on the Flow Around Hypersonic Flying Vehicles
Yana Khankhasaeva, Vitaly Borisov, Alexander Lutsky
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Direct numerical simulation of laminar-turbulent transition in a compressible laminar boundary layer flow over a flat plate with evenly distributed roughness
Alexandra Zheleznyakova
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Application of R13 Moment Equations for Numerical Modeling of Micro-pumps
Maxim Timokhin, Igor Ivanov, Igor Kryukov
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Modification of RhoCentralFoam Solvers Based on OpenFOAM and RapidCFD to Calculate High-Speed Flows. Speed Comparison of GPU and CPU Solvers
Vladimir Kurashov
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Establishment of gasdynamic and kinetic features of penetration of methane-oxygen flames through obstacles by the use of 4D spectroscopy and high-speed cinematography
Nikolay Rubtsov, Alexey Vinigradov, Alexander Kalinin, Aleksey Rodionov, Igor Rodionov, Kirill Troshin, Georgiy Tsvetkov, Victor Chernysh
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Mathematical modeling of non-isothermal process of the jet spraying of powder polymeric compositions and the formation of protective coatings
Damir Gubaidullin, V.L. Fedyaev, Irina Morenko
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The Prandtl and Schmidt numbers in strongly non-equilibrium gas flows
Elena Kustova, Maria Mekhonoshina
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The numerical simulation of turbulent polydispersed bubble flow on the Eulerian modeling approach
Damir Gubaidullin, Boris Alexsandrovich Snigerev
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