Volume 16, issue 3, 2015 year

Contact discontinuity stability in accelerated media with density inhomogeneities
Kirill Gorodnichev, Sergey Kuratov
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Application of discrete kinetic model for Euler-Poisson system to plasma aerodynamics problems
Anastasia Dobrovolskaya, Nikolay Klyuchnikov, Valentin Bityurin
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Numerical Simulation of Explosive Device Laser Ignition
Alexey Chesnokov, Sergey Kuratov
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Experimental investigation of the materials surface structure influence on their catalytic activity
Yu. V. Brylkin, Vyacheslav Vlasov, Georgy Zalogin, Andrey Kusov, N.F. Rudin
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Using quasi-one-dimensionalmethod for calculating the integral characteristics of the hypersonic aircraft
Roman Seleznev, Sergey Surzhikov, Kirill Zhornik
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Unsteady thermo-gasdynamic processes in rectangular scramjet combustion chamber with periodical input of cold air
Roman Seleznev, Sergey Surzhikov
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Unsteady thermo-gasdynamic processes in axisymmetric scramjet combustion chamber with periodical input of cold air
Sergey Surzhikov, Roman Seleznev
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Investigaition of Argon Radiation Characteristics Behind the Front of a Strong Shock Wave
Natalya Bykova, Igor Zabelinskii, Pavel Kozlov, Vladimir Levashov, Ludmila Ibragimova, Oleg Shatalov
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Hierarchical Model of Premixed Turbulent Flame
S. Rashkovskiy
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About Stabilization of Hydrogen Detonative Combustion in Convergent-divergent Nozzle
Yuri Tunik, Michael Zubin
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Solution of plane diode problem for the verification of the particle-in-cell method
Aleksey Dikalyuk
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Non-isothermal flow around rotating bodies by disperse media
Damir Gubaidullin, V.L. Fedyaev, Irina Morenko
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The influence of non-equilibrium electron states population on radiative heat flux of superorbital reentry spacecraft shock wave
Kirill Prutko
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