Volume 16, issue 1, 2015 year

Computer Simulation of Aerohydrodynamics Problems on the Base of Numerical Solution of Kinetic Equation by Lattice Boltzmann Method in the XFlow software package
Natalia Vladimirova, Anatoly Prostomolotov, Natalia Verezub
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Pairing Mathematical Models of Non-Axial Symmetric RF Discharge and Coaxial Pulsed Plasma Engine
Victor Kuznetsov, Sergey Ryzhkov
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Modeling of Collision the Drip Liquid Phase with the Surface Air Intake
Margaret Lyubimovа, Victor Kuznetsov, Sergey Ryzhkov
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Simulation of flow in the ramjet air intake
Vitaly Borisov, Alexander Lutsky
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Ferrite Synthesis Simulation via Carbon Combustion using Slip, Temperature, and Concentration Gas Species Jump at Pore Surface
Andrey Markov, М.А. Hobosyan, К.S. Martirosyan
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Modelling Chemical Processes for Hypersonic Flow Around Blunt Bodies
Michael Golomazov
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Translational Relaxation of the Rayleigh and Lorentz Gases in Shock Waves. Kinetic Description
Oleg Skrebkov
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A molecular dynamics-based method for automated creation of quadrilateral and hexahedral grids
Alexandra Zheleznyakova
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Theoretical study Zeldovich reactions in thermally nonequilibrium conditions
Alla Sergievskaya, Michael Pogosbekian
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Integrated Propulsion System
Andras Bela Olah
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Thermal radiation simulation of vibrationally nonequilibrium gas using k-distribution method
Alexander Molchanov
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Physico-mathematical model of laser detonator
Sergey Kuratov, Aleksey Serehzkin, Alexey Chesnokov
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