Volume 13, issue 1, 2012 year

Application of method of laser-induced incandescence to analysis of optical properties of growing particles
Evgeny Gurentsov, Alexander V. Eremin, E. Miheeva, K. Priemchenko
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Jet expansion of ideal and real gases from axisymmetric nozzles. Similarity matters. 1. Outflow of jets into vacuum
Jury Gerasimov, Vyacheslav Yarygin
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Applicability of turbulent viscosity model for the calculation of supersonic jet streams
Alexander Safronov
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Direct simulation monte carlo of clusters growth processes on the base of size-corrected classical nucleation theory
Nikolay Bykov, Yuri Gorbachev
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An estimate of errors in using a certain gradient-free method of searching for the extremum of the goal function in the problems of dynamics of elementary processes
Ekaterina Kolesnikova, Lev Yu. Rusin
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Interaction of spherical hydrogen-air and methane-air flames with close-meshed obstacles by central initiation with spark discharge.
Ideya Naboko, Nikolay Rubtsov, Boris Seplyarskiy, Victor Chernysh, Georgiy Tsvetkov
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Physical-chemical processes in thermal nonequilibrium gases
Staly Losev
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Classification of hysteresis functions. Theoretical models and description methods
Olga Khatuntseva
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Radiative-convective heat transfer of reentry vehicles
Vyacheslav Vlasov, Georgy Zalogin, V. Lunev, D. Churakov
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Carbon nanotubes production in a plasma of high frequency gas discharge and its identification
Georgy Zalogin, Artur Krasilnikov, Yuri Plastinin, N. Rudin
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Study of evolution of hydrogen-air mixture combustion in large volumes bounded by a compliant surface
Ideya Naboko, Natalia Bublik, Pavel Gusev, Leonid Gutkin, Vyacheslav Petukhov, Oleg Solntsev
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