Volume 21, issue 1, 2020 year

Construction of tetrahedral mesh for modeling of the flow around a triangular wing
Ivan Anatolievich Shirokov
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Supersonic ramjet behind the aft of the flying vehicle
Yu. Tunik
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Improvement of Hydrogen Absorption and Desorption for AB5-Alloy by a Spiral Heat Exchanger
Konstantin Vladimirovich Agapov, Dmitrii Olegovich Dunikov, Kirill Dmitrievich Kuzmin, Evgenii Viktorovich Stoyanov
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Numerical Interpretation of Experimental Data on Aerodynamics of the HB-2 Model Using Computer Codes USTFEN and PERAT-3D
Sergey Surzhikov
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Actual schemes of supersonic ramjet on detonation combustion Unsteady detonation waves
Yuri Tunik
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Drag and heat transfer of metal and oxide agglomerates in flow of combustion products of solid propellant
Vladislav Emelyanov, Irina Teterina, Konstantin Volkov
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On limiting the lateral expansion of the cloud of fragments of a destructed meteoroid
Irina G. Brykina, Mikhail D. Bragin
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Effect of Longitudinal Spacing on The Flow and Heat Transfer for Staggered Drop-shaped Tubes Bundle in Cross-flow
Rawad Deeb
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Computational Study of the Different Waverider Configurations Aerodynamics
Dmitry Yatsukhno
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Взаимодействие двух противоположно вращающихся сверхзвуковых вихрей
Tatiana Konstantinovskaya, Vitaly Borisov, Alexandr Davydov, Alexander Lutsky, Andrey Shevchenko
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